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Local Guide to Mastering the ‘SEO near me” searches

Posted on 4 August 2017 | 8:52 am by

Local SEO ‘near me’ searches are becoming more important for every business.

Imagine you search for “Italian restaurants near me”. Google picks up the ‘near me’ search, tracks your cell phone location and gives you a list of Italian restaurants in your area, complete with contact details and address.

Why do we need this SEO near me search?

As a business owner, implementing the ‘near me’ SEO search strategy in to the SEO plan is bound to attract new clients and retain old ones. It can also increase your chance of appearing in the search results of location driven searches and stand out against competitors.

Google defines these ‘near me’ or ‘nearby’ searches as micro moments. It is the moment when a consumer is ready to buy immediately. In other words, the consumer knows the product and service they want and they want it now.

To confirm that your website ranks well for these results; master the following tips:

Responsive – ensure your website is mobile friendly. As more people are using their mobile phones to perform searches, Google is favoring mobile responsive web sites and penalizing those that aren’t. In addition, a strong mobile formatting and user-friendly navigation retains customers and decreases bounce rates.

Business listing – get your business listed in online directories like Google My Business. This is a free tool to monitor and control a business’s digital presence. When a consumer performs a ‘near me’ search, Google My Business Listing shows nearby companies complete with their business hours, exact location and product or service review. This heavily influences the purchase decision of a consumer.

Online reviews – Google reviews help grow your business and attract more customers. A survey found that 84% of consumers deem online reviews just as reliable as verbal communications. One of the easiest ways to do this is to politely ask your customers to leave a review at the checkout counters or include an online review generating survey on your website.

NAP – Keep your NAP (name, address and phone number) uniform across the web. Google penalizes a website, even with slight NAP deviations across multiple business listings.

Optimizing for SEO near me searches will increase your website’s chances of appearing on location based search results and will strengthen your SEO strategy as a whole.

Interested in improving your local SEO near me searches? Contact us at hello@sitesbysara.com or by calling 385-355-5351 today.

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