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6 Incredible Makeup Ideas Based On 6 Amazing Colors Of Dresses

Posted on 4 June 2018 | 1:26 pm by Makeup Artist in Boston

Gearing up for an upcoming special event? Is it your prom or wedding? If it is then we have rounded up some makeup ideas based on some common yet incredible colors of dresses.
Choosing a dress is easy with the help of your bff or your mom. But, the prefect makeup can only be achieved by a professional artist. “It’s imperative to apply the makeup combination that complements with you’re the dress and color”- says Maria Cristina Ochoa, Boston best hair and makeup artist.
The kinds of makeup combination you can collaborate with some common colors of dresses are-
Red dress                          
The kind of makeup that will go with your red dress is-
1.       Highlight either the lips or eyes but not both of them.
2.       Apply light foundation for a smooth base to apply makeup.
3.       If you have problems like acnes and pimples, use concealer to conceal those pesky spots of pimples.
boston best hair and makeup artist

For the lip color you can apply a red lipstick to match with your hot red dress.
5.       Go for the neutral eye makeup.
6.       Use black and brown eye-liner.
7.       For the mascara you can apply either one coat or two coats.
8.       Add more definition to your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil.
9.       It’s better not to match the lipstick color and nail paint. Try picking out pink or any other nude color.
Black dress
Be the prettiest girl in the amazingly beautiful black dress with these combinations of makeup-
1.       If you have made up your mind of wearing your favorite black dress, you can go for smokey eyes with eye shadows of green or steel gray.
2.       Go for dramatic lip colors like red, pink, coral, gold or wine color.
3.       To make your look more pretty apply bronze blush to highlight your cheekbones and give a vive of pretty rosy.
4.       Try winged liner.
5.       If you like funky, then go for silver eyeliner and you can also don a neutral eye makeup to keep it simple yet pretty.
Pink dress
1.       If you intend to wear your pretty pink dress, then avoid smokey and heavy eye makeup. Instead try something light which will complement your entire look and the dress of course.
2.       For the lip color you can apply pink lipstick to match with your pretty pink dress. A light eye makeup and the pink lips can really give a simple yet stunning look.
3.       Furthermore, for the face use foundation, primer to keep your makeup intact for the entire evening.
Purple dress
1.       A pair of smokey eyes will look absolutely stunning with the purple dress. Try eye shadows like silver or lavender. Considering the color is dark, you can try smokey look with nude lips.
2.       Because your eye makeup is heavy, go light on lip by applying nude lipstick.
3.     It’s important to balance the makeup of eye and lip to give an approachable and complementing appearance.
Blue dress                                                                     
1.       For the blue dress try not matching the eye and lip makeup with the dress.
2.       Nevertheless, you can match but with light color such as applying blue eye shadow which is lighter than the color of your dress.
3.       If you don’t want to use blue eye makeup, you can try grey and green eye shadow.
4.       To match complete the look with the green eye makeup keep your lips nude and warm pinkish cheeks with blush.
5.       For the gray eye makeup try using pink lipstick and pink blush on cheeks.
Green dress
1.       When it comes to wearing green dress, emerald is such a classic pick as it suits almost all skin tones.
2.       To complete the look with your emerald green dress you can try a rich dark burgundy lip color and shimmering gold eyes.

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