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The Secrets to Getting Sponsored Posts on Instagram The Best Ways to Get Sponsored Posts on Instagram and Generate an Income When you are looking to generate an income working from home, you mustn’t underestimate the power of a blogging income when you combine it with social media marketing for small business. Your Instagram account is part of your social media repertoire, and […] How to Pitch to Brands and Get Sponsors for Your Blog How to Pitch a Collaboration Idea to a Brand Are you an entrepreneur or blogger? If yes, then you may be looking for collaboration opportunities with leading brands. You may already have amazing content, images, information, and followers. Now you need to take it to the next level by getting collaborations and sponsored posts. This […] 5 Deadly SEO Mistakes To Avoid Avoid These Common but Deadly SEO Mistakes – FREE SEO Powerhouse Checklist Download With the advent of two million blogs on the web and growing, and 1 billion websites in 2018, SEO takes a completely new turn. With competition like that your blog or business needs to do everything possible to avoid making silly SEO […] Why Your Business NEEDS To Be Blogging in 2019 The Many Benefits for Your Business to Have a Blog To stand out online today above your competition is getting tougher than ever. Just to have your presence known online requires a whole host of strategies and a team effort from multiple channels. Business blogging in 2019 still remains one of the most essential tactics […] How to Start Your Epic Career as a Freelance Writer Have you ever wondered how to make 5K a month or more as a freelance writer? In 2015 I left my soul sucking job to focus on content writing and blogging. Some people thought it was ‘cute’ and like a hobby of sorts but didn’t really understand how I made money from it. When I […] 11 Ways to Detox Your Digital Life for 2019 I’ve decided that 2019 is going to be all about staying focused, prioritizing, eliminating the negative, decluttering and detoxifying. This includes detoxing my digital life. I find, that I’m well certain you do, that I am inundated in a digital delirium of apps, folders, files, messages, downloads, plug ins, bookmarks, links, notifications and emails that […]

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