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IBM, Oracle, and SAP SE named as Visionary Leaders in the Predictive Analytics space by 360Quadrants

Posted on 11 February 2019 | 9:01 am by 360 Quadrants

Predictive Analytics Software
Predictive analytics makes use of statistical tools like data mining, predictive modelling, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, thereby assisting companies to determine the data patterns and predict future trends and outcomes, and take informed business decisions. It is mainly used in domains, such as financial analytics, risk analytics, marketing analytics, sales analytics, customer analytics, web and social media analytics, supply chain analytics, and network analytics. The global predictive analytics market is witnessing huge growth, owing to the emergence of new applications and technologies, increasing focus on competitive intelligence, and use of analytics to determine future scenario and customers’ needs and behavior. In addition, increasing adoption of cloud technologies are expected to create abundant opportunities in the market over the next few years.
IBM tops the enterprise segment in a ranking based on product scores, strategy, use-cases, investments, and business outcomes
In a recent assessment released by 360Quadrants, IBM topped the list of vendors in the  predictive analytics software space, followed closely by Oracle and SAP SE, while NTT Data Corporation was listed as a dynamic differentiator. IBM’s SPSS Modeler was rated as the best in product quality, reliability, and breadth and depth of offering. IBM SPSS Modeler also secured the top spot in criteria like geographic footprint and viability of business.
360Quadrants defines predictive analytics as a statistical and data mining solution, comprising various algorithms and methodologies used for structured as well as unstructured data in order to gather business insights.  Covering more than 50 vendors in the best predictive analytics software space, 360Quadrants places the top 25 vendors in a quadrant depending on their quality, reliability, and business strategies.
Competitive Leadership Scenario
360Quadrants recognizes the top 25 predictive analytics software vendors, which have been categorized into Visionary Leaders, Innovators, Emerging Companies, and Dynamic Differentiators based on their performance and predictive analytics software reviews.
IBM Corp, SAS Institute, Inc., SAP SE, Fair Issac Corporation (FICO), Tableau Software, Inc., RapidMiner, Inc., Oracle Corp, and Angoss Software Corp as Visionary Leaders, mainly because of their established product portfolios and strong market presence.
TIBCO Software, Inc., Microstrategy, Inc., Alteryx, Inc., Information Builder, Dataiku, KNIME.COM AG, and NTT DATA Corporation, are listed as Innovators, since they have focused portfolios and exhibit substantial product innovations.
GoodData Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Teradata Corporation, Sisense, Inc., Predixion Software, and Domino Data Lab, Inc. are recognized as Dynamic Differentiators in the predictive analytics space, since they are established vendors with strong business strategies, but have less product offering.
Lastly, Exago, Inc., AgilOne, QlikTech International, and Kognitio Ltd., have been recognized as Emerging Players, mainly because they specialize in offering highly niche solutions and services, but do not have strong business strategies unlike other established vendors.

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