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Create a Bucket List today & start fulfilling your long lost desires

Posted on 16 November 2018 | 12:13 pm by Bucket List

We only live once. No matter how much clichéd this statement appears to be, it is all true. Life is an exceptionally beautiful gift and we should make every effort in living it to the fullest. All of us have some dreams, some look forward to fulfilling it in their lifetime whereas there are plenty of people who simply forget about them. Sheer determination and hard work are the two ways by which it gets easier to fulfil the dreams. Creating a bucket list and working hard enough to achieve every one of them add up to the purpose of life.

Bucket list- Setting the goals in the first place

Who are you really? What are your preferences? What are the things that move you from inside? What are the places you would love to explore in your lifetime? Ask these to yourself. Once you receive the answers, you are done with setting up the goals.

How to make a bucket list?

It is not a hard thing to do. A bucket list is mainly a wish list a person intends to fulfil before he or she literally kicks the bucket. Your bucket list can be comprised of stuff related to starting a business, getting a dream job, buying a property, owning a posh car, visiting a distant land, getting married by 50 or anything else. The things you mention on your bucket list will eventually pump up your spirit to fulfilling them someday. The sheer joy of completing stuff mentioned on the list indeed gives purpose to life. There is literally no limit as to how many items you can add to your list. One also has the right to alter the contents according to the situation as and when required.

For those who are completely confused about how to create their bucket lists can look forward to checking out the following points.

  • Dream big: So what if your dream appears to be a long lost affair? You have every right to dream about it and also make efforts towards fulfilling it. Unless you dare to dream, you can never actually feel the satisfaction once it gets accomplished. Is there any particular skill that you wanted to learn? For instance, learning how to cycle or driving a car, horse riding, rowing, etc. before creating any list, it is important to figure out the things that you have always wanted to do in life. It is not that a person can only have one list. In his or her lifetime, he or she is free to create as many lists as desired.
  • Go slow and easy: Before putting larger than life things on your list, make way for some of the easy stuff that you can easily achieve. For instance, learning how to cycle is easier than going straight to the Alps. The more you will tick off the small things from your list, the more confidence you will gain from each experience.
  • Timeline is a must: Suppose you are in your twenties and have made your bucket list that you are looking forward to starting ticking off by the time you turn 50 then there are chances that you may not get to accomplish every single thing. Hence, creating a timeline in mind is necessary. Give yourself at least six months to a year’s time to achieve the buckle and you can carry on with your list.

  • Story power on social media: Everybody is on social media these days. Share your experience with others by putting up a story on various social media platforms and people would love to read about them. This would not only make you feel appreciated but will also give other people goals to start creating their own list of buckles.
  • Don’t forget to keep a record of your experience: The moment when you feel upset and down in your life, try looking at the beautiful memories that you have created. This will push you to extend your limits and also lift your mood up.
  • Creating a bucket list is a fun activity for the family as well it does not always have to be a solo thing to do. Engage other people in your family so that people will come together and give their inputs. There is nothing more happening than a family coming together to fulfil a shared dream.

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