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A Beginners Guide For Writing Facebook ads [2019 Updated]

Posted on 13 March 2019 | 12:24 pm by


Social media marketing has made the life of entrepreneurs very easy. Now it is very convenient for them to promote their products and services on social networking sites especially on Facebook, which have billions of active monthly users. In case if you are not aware of the Facebook ads and how to write it then you must read the complete article.

Why Facebook advertising?

There are so many social networking platforms out there and every one of them provides different features but Facebook is considered as the most effective advertisement platform that helps organizations to reach to their potential customers. The marketing options which Facebook provides is incomparable. You can target the audience with the location nearby to your business, gender, age, behavior and through many other things.

Moreover, Facebook also provides different advertising tools to their users for creating exceptionally attractive contents by using different templates on ads, filters on photos and links on the texts.

When you sum up all these features provided by Facebook then you will realize how incredible potential this networking site is having and how positively it can help you to advertise your business.

How to write Facebook ads?


Writing Facebook ads are not that complicated. You just have to be clear about what kind of campaign you want to choose and what is the requirement of your company. Let’s us check out in detail what all things you should include in your ad.

Use relatable images

While creating an ad make sure that the texts and images you are using compliment each other. If you desire to tell a story through texts then use such images that also conveys the same message or story. This is very important to make the viewer clear what you are trying to deliver.

Create ads according to the audience


If you are making an ad for the first time then you must know that different ads have a different impact on people. So it is very important to create ads according to your targeted audience. For example, If you are advertising beauty products then you should make separate ads for the audience that fall under the age criteria 18-25 and different for 25-40 age group.

Articulate with your audience

Your audience is the one that helps to grow your business. Therefore, it is very important to write your content in such a way that makes viewers feel like you are talking with them. This is apparently a very effective way to gain the confidence of the audience about your company.

Keep it precise


Usually, most of the brands often make the mistake of overcrowding the add with the unnecessary content. An ad only looks attractive when it is made clear with clear and precise information. So, decide first what all you want to add in your ad and then check it once as a viewer whether it seems to be right or not.

Call to action

If you do not know what it is then called to action is basically a clickable button that means you can add the hyperlink to certain statements. It is a very important part of ad creation and you must include at least one CTA button in your add. But make sure to add the link on statements like click here, learn more and shop now.

Hence, we hope that this article will help you to create amazing Facebook ads for your business.

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