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4 Effective Ways To Increase Instagram Engagement In 2019

Posted on 7 February 2019 | 2:23 pm by

There is no doubt that Instagram has become one of the most famous social media platforms. People love it because of its incredible features and user-friendly interface. However, it is a fact that Instagram is no more just remain a user’s social networking territory, it also becomes the main hub of marketing, advertising, and many more. Digital marketers see Instagram as a platform where they can easily attract and convenience users towards their brands and products. That’s true also because according to statics of 2018, Instagram had generated about $2 billion that almost equal to the 15% of the overall Facebook ad revenue. 

Facebook acquisition of Instagram proved as the biggest success of this Internet era. Facebook acquired Instagram back in 2018 for $1 billion and now Instagram has more than 1 billion users. That’s incredible! Isn’t it? As more and more businesses marketing strategies are getting combined with Instagram, the competition for attracting people’s attention is also at the peak. In 2019, getting potential customers at your business door is going to be even tougher one could think of. But don’t worry guys, there are some things that you can follow for staying at the peak of this fame game. 

Instagram is the best place to market your online business and achieve a loyal following base. That's why you have to push the envelope somehow to get people to interest towards your brands. This article is completely centralized around the ways to increase your Instagram engagement in the year 2019. So let’s have a look!

Initiate communicating with your followers through Instagram stories stickers: 

Instagram engagement has become more than just likes and comments that people were used to doing a lot earlier. In 2019, you have to reframe your Instagram engagement tactics. Now, Instagram engagement has become more about Stories, brand hashtags, and IGTV views. As we know, due to the increase in the Instagram business accounts, organic reach to the potential followers have become very difficult because they are following multiple accounts at the same time. On the other hand, Instagram stories are getting viewed by almost 400 million people on the daily basis. That’s why it is best to engage with Insta users through stories by using Question and poll & vote stickers.

Utilization of Instagram stories stickers is one of the best ways to motivate your followers to chat and share their views with you about different things. That directly help you to gain their trust and reliability on your business brand. 

Prefer to write longer captions: 

Do you know that the word limit to write Instagram captions is up to 2,200 characters. This is large enough space to share with your followers. One of the factors that decide how your posts performed according to the Instagram algorithm is the total time spend on them. So what can be the easiest way to consume people towards your posts for more time than writing longer captions. Isn’t it?  

Many of you might become flummoxed after reading this. So, I want to especially mention here that it is not necessary to write thousands of words caption every time. But writing a full sentence instead of stuffing a few emojis could help you more to increase your Instagram engagement. 

Always optimize your Instagram story before posting: 

Auto Boost Instagram Posts

As we know, Instagram stories are best to create instantaneous traffic of people to your account. But randomly crafted Instagram story may lack in getting people attention. That’s why it is better to optimize your Instagram story every time before you post. There are three things according to which you have to optimize your Instagram story.

Mention your account name.
Add your location.
Stuff popular hashtags.

These three things definitely boost your brand exposure and engagement via your Instagram stories. 

Make use of Socinator : 

Socinator is the best marketing tool that helps various social media platforms including Instagram in auto-scheduling and publishing posts. It let you Auto boost Instagram posts via automatic actions like liking, commenting, managing the Instagram direct message, and many more. That saves your endeavors and automatically boost your Instagram engagement. 

These are the top four effective ways by following which you can definitely create great Instagram engagement in the year 2019. You can also go for some marketing tools like socinator that can save your time a lot and automatically boost your Instagram posts. 

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