Why You Are Blocked From Following On Instagram?

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Instagram Unfollow Tool: Why You Should Unfollow Instagram Accounts In 2019

Posted on 13 March 2019 | 2:02 pm by


You might be wondering that usually it is recommended to have more followers on social media and we are advising you to unfollow Instagram accounts. If you are on social media then you might have heard about the term “Digital Minimalism“. Sometimes it’s ok to unfollow people if you don’t find their account interesting anymore and this is what people are calling Digital Minimalism these days. Lets us check out more reasons, why you need to unfollow people on Instagram.

As you already know Instagram has become a very competitive place nowadays and you need to be updated of your competitor’s news feed every time. But when you are following thousands of people then the chances of missing out on the news feed of other contenders are very high. Therefore, if you are also facing such issue then it’s time to make changes in your “following” list. You can also unfollow several people at a time by using Instagram unfollow tool which can save your time and energy

Another reason that will encourage you to unfollow people in negative posts. It is not mandatory that you will like each and every post of the people you are following. There are times when you scroll your Instagram page and start to have some strange feelings about the posts of certain people then it might be the right time to unfollow them.

Moreover, if you follow fewer people then it will automatically make your followers look much bigger. So, ultimately it is only good for you.


It is much easier than you think. All you need to do is to have a look at the list of people you are following and start unfollowing them. Like it is already mentioned above, you can also take help from the automation tools in order to speed up your work.

Sometimes you may not recognize the people by their username but do not keep them anyways. If you don’t know them personally neither interacted with them or seen their posts then it will not affect you. Most of the times such accounts are bot accounts which will only degrade the quality of your account. So it is better to strike out all such accounts that do not interest you.



Majority of the people don’t do this because of the fear that they might offend somebody. But the truth is if you are having thousands of followers then people do not discover immediately that you have unfollowed them. In case they found out later on then also not every person will contact you immediately and ask for a reason until and unless you have interacted with them too often or having a good relationship.

In case you have unfollowed some known people and they find out about it then it is better to be honest with them instead of making some excuses because that can put you in a more awkward situation. On the other hand, when you honestly tell why you have unfollowed them then they might understand it.

Hence, we hope that this article will help you to make your Instagram account manageable by unfollowing unwanted people.

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