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Oops! A @share2steem Hickup? @algo.coder, Can You Check Out What Went Wrong, plz?

Posted on 16 April 2019 | 3:31 pm by simplymike

I only just noticed that the post I published last night using @share2steem appeared on my blog a second time. Apparently, it was triggered by retweeting another @share2steem tweet, because both posts got mixed up. I will just leave it the way it is, maybe that will make it easier for @algo.coder to figure out what happened. *@algo.coder, the top and bottom part were my tweet, but the image seems to have been replaced by a post I retweeted.*

You Can Find My Original Post Here

---- **Prince Rennyn, the legendary summoner of the Earth splinter - with his golden locks and his big... crossbow - is the wet dream of every Steemmonsters player, including myself.** ---
Best tip for newbies on SteemIt!!!

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--- Getting a chance to play with a maxed Prince Rennyn, the most popular guy in the entire Steemmonsters game, would be a dream come true. I missed out on a couple of delegation offers, just by a few minutes. Is there still someone out there who owns the maxed legendary summoner of the Earth spliner and would be prepared to make a deal? I would surely be the happiest steemmonsters-addict on the planet. 😍 🌎 💛



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