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Spanish Themed Paella Party At Its Best

Posted on 26 December 2017 | 11:37 am by

You will agree, parties are supposed to be fun. But inadvertently they have become cumbersome, especially as the same themes are done over and over again. It’s always the same food, same music, same venue and the same decoration.

Impress your guest with a Paella party – Spanish theme, décor, music, and food.

Paella parties have become increasingly popular these days, especially the Spanish themed ones. It’s a truly theatrical presentation.

However, hosting a paella party can be extremely daunting. Simply follow these simple tips to ensure your guests are entertained.


Whether it’s a small party for close friends and family or a large business event, the common denominator is a solid plan. Along with the venue, pre-plan on things like the guest list, party timing, entertainment, decor, and food.

Pro tip: Traditionally, paella party is best-enjoyed al fresco.


You can make or order in festive garlands, drink stirrers, confetti, pom poms and luminaries are a great option. The Sombrero party hat is typically Spanish and is perfect for bringing a Spanish touch to the party.  

Pro tip: red carnation is the national flower of Spain, but the Valencia red rose and pomegranate flower can also create the perfect Spanish touch.


Give your guest beat to step to and something to talk about with some authentic music and dancing. Having a solo guitarist or band to play and sing can elevate your paella party to the next level.

Pro tip: Flamenco music is a type of folk music, strongly associated with the Spanish culture.


Many fruitful conversations are had over a meal and our mouth-watering paella, hot and cold tapas, sangria, and desserts are sure to peak everyone’s interest.

Paella is a dish that has it all – a mixture of rice, meat, vegetables and/or seafood depending on your choice of menu. It’s a symphony of aromas, color, and texture played by various spices and condiments that go into making it.

It’s a one-pot dish that can feed 2 or 200 and has room for everybody’s favorite ingredients and the most beloved dish from a global point of view.

The Spanish Themed décor, music and food will make your Paella party one right out of Spain and will be remembered for quite some time.

Whether you’re planning an intimate party or a lavish wedding, Vamos Paella party caterers can cater to each of these events. 


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