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Tips To Save Money on Excursions & Activities

Posted on 4 February 2019 | 8:14 am by Daisy Goranga

Are you trying to reduce budget on your next Tour? The reality that a trip is cheap does not suggest it is bad. It is about finding quality services and products at a reasonable price. So, if you have a tight budget or simply want to save money, here are several saving tips that you may attempt on any of your trips.

Secret Tips to Save Money while travelling

1. Don’t forget to check out city passes that allows you unlimited travel options and tickets to some local attractions. 2. Use Public transport as much as you can.Keep travel by private cats & cabs to the minimum. 3. Check-out for exciting online travel deals, coupons & promotional stay offers. 4. Visit local bars & pubs instead of acclaimed chain restro bars & fine-dining places. 5. Book Tours online from trusted portal. 6. Shop at local fleece markets. 7. Devour local cuisines & street food. They are cheap yet delicious. 8. Don’t forget to bargain hard when you decide to go for shopping. 9. Enjoy Free Walking Tours. 10.Stay at b&bs, local home stays & budget hotels rather than expensive hotels. 11. Plan your trip during Low Season as there will be limited crowd & slashed prices for almost everything. 12. Purchase Travel Insurance & be prepared for any unexpected circumstances. 13. Skip the Malls & opt for Supermarket to get better deals.
14. Carry Reusable Water Bottle.

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