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Learn how to save money at Front Sight!

Posted on 14 October 2004 | 11:08 pm by Roger Seher

I took my first Front Sight training course back in November 1997. I was no stranger to firearms before I took the course I trained regularly with weapons while in the Marine Corps, and was your typical full-time gun enthusiast from that point on.

Front Sight has grown a lot since then, they have moved from Bakersfield, CA to NV where they have managed to build a world class training facility. The facility is known as Front Sight Resort, and it is located about 45 minutes outside of Las Vegas NV.

Every year thousands of people make the trip to Las Vegas to attend courses at Front Sight. And many return because the training is so good. The course prices range from $500 to $2400 dollars depending on the course.

The goal of this Blog both encourage you to go and attend a course at Front Sight, and to help you save money where you can. More to be posted soon ...

Roger Seher

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