Blood Circulation Products Manufacturer

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Blood Circulation Products Manufacturer

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About Diabetic Foot Care India

We are engaged in manufacturing, supplying exporting and distributing a comprehensive range of diagnostic and therapeutic products for the management of diabetes and its complication affecting the foot.

Year of Establishment: 2005

Certifications: ISO13485:2003 and ITC certified company

Our Clientele: Our range is exported to such countries as Australia, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Bulgaria, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Egypt, Haiti, India and Indonesia Etc.

Our Health Care Products are listed below:

1. Blood Circulation Product

Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is a common circulatory problem in which usually the legs are affected. Blocked blood flow to the legs can cause pain and numbness. Whenever one suspects Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD), the clinician must perform few non-invasive vascular testing methods that are commercially available and widely implemented.

They include Hand Held Doppler – Life Dop L150R, PC Based Vascular Doppler Recorder – Versa lab LE, PC Based Vascular Doppler Recorder – Versa lab Dx, Automated AB Index Vascular Doppler Recorder – Versa lab AUTO

Hand Held Doppler – Life Dop L150R

Vascular deficiency is the basic affliction with diabetic patients. It is the result of blocks in the blood vessels that causes non healing ulcers and amputations. Life Dop L150R Vascular Doppler helps to diagnose the peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) specifications:

  • Ankle Brachial index
  • Doppler 8 MHz transducer
  • Handy and portable pocket model
  • Superior Sound Quality SSQ Audio output
  • All arterial and venous examination of extremities
  • Interchangeable 2 or 3 MHz Doppler transducer option
  • When alkaline cell is used, 1250 one minute exams assured
  • One of the best product from Summit Doppler, USA
2. PC Based Vascular Doppler Recorder – Versa lab LE

Vascular insufficiency among diabetic patients leads to severe complications such as non-healing ulcers and amputations. Our comprehensive range of PC based Vascular Doppler Recorder offers critical solution to the problem.

Following are the some features of the product:

  • Screens peripheral arteries, venous and cere bro vascular disorders
  • Study of stiffness of artery
  • Prognosis of healing of ulcers using PPG
  • Gets connected to computer through RS232 serial port and USB port
  • PC software for printout on A4 size plain paper Etc. 
3. PC Based Vascular Doppler Recorder – Versa lab Dx

Vascular Doppler Recorder (VERSALAB Dx) is very similar to VERSALAB LE. In addition it has an in-built thermal printer that allows the operator to print the waveform on a regular thermal paper used in the ECG or EKG machines at any time when it is not connected to PC.

4. Automated AB Index Vascular Doppler Recorder – Versa lab AUTO

This comprehensive fully automatic Doppler is a diabetic Versa lab unit, ideal for ankle brachial and toe brachial blood pressure measurement.

Some Features are shown below:

  • Automated ankle bronchial index study
  • Silent pump makes the inflation of the BP cuff noiseless
  • First indigenous Doppler with automatic BP measurement
  • Measures all systolic BP of the extremities
  • Segmental cuff sets with manometer for ankle brachial index
  • Separate mode for complete vascular profile study
  • 8 MHz unidirectional Doppler transducer

5. Transcutaneous Oxygen (TCOM) Monitor – Periflux 5000


  • Transcutaneous oxygen monitoring (TCOM/tcpO2) is a process to determine the nutritive flow in the capillaries.
  • Today, TCOM/tcpO2 is clinically prevalent in various applications such as wound-healing assessment, hyperbaric medicine, amputation-level resoluteness and others.

Clinical Applications:

  • TCOM/tcpO2 was originally formulated for neonatal use, but eventually it has become widely used in several clinical areas such as:
  • Uncovering of peripheral vascular oxygenation
  • Restriction of the level of peripheral vascular disease
  • Determination of the optimum level of amputation
  • Assessment of revascularization activities
  • Priming candidates for hyperbaric oxygen therapy and calling non-responders to treatment
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