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sim Network Unlock smartphone

Posted on 2 July 2019 | 7:49 am by Iphone Unlock Site

Sim Network Unlock is a Process of removing sim restriction which are applied by manufacture or carrier.

Mobile network imei unlocking is removing sim restriction applied by sim carrier. Customer purchase new mobile of apple iPhone, Samsung galaxy, LG, Nokia or Motorola latest smartphone. Price of these mobiles are high so normally people prefer to go on installment plan or contract method. T-mobile, bell, roger, at&t, Verizon, o2 all provide latest mobile on contract base. But mobile are network locked. It require sim network unlock code for smartphone to use all carrier card. without it you want able to use other sim card. In this article I will provide mobile unlocking using sim adapter.

 How sim adapter unlock network lock of mobile sim card?

Sim adapter is small microchip with lots of codes inside it. Sim adapter is placed in same sim slot alongside sim card. But sim adapter is touching PCB of mobile. And above it there is actual sim card.

     Sim card have all details about user. Or we can say subscriber identification information are stored on sim card. So when mobile is locked. Locking information codes are embedded on sim card as well as on mobile. Now when mobile is turned on and sim card inserted. It starts searching available network. And try to register on network. But carrier locked mobile can register on only one network carrier. It requires sim unlock codes to remove sim restriction. Here sim unlock adapter play big role.

 Sim imei unlocking adapter is placed between carrier sim card and mobile PCB Printed Circuit Board. Sim unlocking adapter does not allow all instruction from sim card to mobile network carrier. It modifies so many information and passes it to cellular network carrier. It first not allow network locking information directly pass to network carrier. It modifies that information also.

 Mobile network locking is mainly deals with imei number, mcc and mnc.

1) Imei is unique number assign to each mobile by manufacture like apple iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, Htc, Huawei, Acer. Imei number of mobile has 15 to 16 digits. Dual sim mobile has two imei numbers. Use first imei number for unlock code. Each manufacture has different way to generate imei number. Imei number includes manufacturer name code, mobile country code, mobile model, smartphone model specific software etc. Gsm or cdma any kind of mobile must have one imei number to register on cellular network.

2) Mobile country code: some mobile are sim network locked for region specific. For example many Samsung galaxy carrier locked for USA or many o2, Optus or orange iPhone are locked for UK or Australia. For such mobile network unlock, mcc code is very important. And if we modify this then mobile can be unlocked.

3) Mobile network code: mobile network code is considered as mobile carrier network’s country specific code. T-mobile, roger, at&t, bell, telus, Vodafone, Verizon sim carrier provide services at many countries. But their mobile network codes are different for each country. Modifying these details also sim carrier unlock any smartphone.

   As I told you sim adapter is placed between actual sim card and mobile circuit. Or precisely sim unlock adapter is placed between sim card and carrier network. When sim card pass information related to imei, mnc and mcc, sim adapter modifies it. And then pass it to carrier network. So cellular carrier does not know that mobile is locked and it allows register on network. This way we can unlock Samsung, LG, Nokia, Motorola, htc and apple iPhone.

    Advantage of sim carrier unlock adapter is, it can be used on multiple mobile. For example user has two mobile which are network locked. So same sim network unlock adapter used at both mobile.

    Another way to unlock mobile is using carrier unlock code which can generate from imei number. There are many mobile model specific apps and software. Which generates sim unlock code from imei number. Normally such apps and software create four kinds of codes. Among them nck is mainly used for unlocking.

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