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Shifting Focus For The Decade Ahead - Huatulco Real Estate

Posted on 24 April 2020 | 12:58 pm by Ssquares Interactive

Change is brewing industry wide and saying “we have always done it this way” simply doesn’t cut it anymore. It is imperative to be adaptable and find the best way moving forward.

The last 18 months have been one of the more static times that I have seen in my career. I don’t mean this in a bad way, simply that I note many real estate businesses are following through on business plans that have previously served them well. Trends reports tend to produce confidence that a business should not try to start from scratch each year. If you are well managed and thoughtful with your resources, then you should have some staying power.

However, trends are by nature dynamic, running towards the future, leaving some conditions behind us and bringing new conditions closer to realization. The changes happen subtly, often so much so that they are easy to miss. Trends are by the way just one form of change. The world, the economy and real estate businesses are subject to other kinds of influence as well the changing trends.

The main forms of change in the real estate industry are Trends, Cycles, Maturation and Technology. While cycles are the most prominent feature of the real estate industry, trends typically persist longer than cycles. In this letter I would like to discuss some of the key trends for the coming decade.

1. Huatulco Real Estate firms have a lot of optimism about the resiliency of commercial real estate. We have been in one of the longest economic cycles in history, and the level of confidence in the real estate industry has been palpable. Property veterans see the internal conditions in the business as solid and developers continue to see opportunities. It is encouraging to note that the biggest and most sophisticated developers are still active. However, recessions strike economies at their points of excess and we have been expanding at moderate pace for a long time. My advice is that caution is advisable during the short run.

2. A lot of money has been made from cap rate compression some of the Huatulco Real Estate is trading well above replacement cost and I would suggest that pricing is ahead of where it should be at this point in the cycle. The consensus forecast, however, suggests that real estate can maintain a relative edge over stocks and bonds at least for the near term.

3. Granular data is becoming increasingly available and many, investors, developers and real estate service professionals are informing themselves about new markets. This is shining a light on opportunities in secondary markets that may have been overlooked in the past.

4. Housing is a mess; we are building 90 percent of our housing stock for 10% of households. Whether we want to look at it or not, housing is a mess and it’s getting worse over time. Innovation and diversity of stock is needed and fast.

5. We are about to see a shift of generational propositions toward a more gemeinschaft array of real estate demands, induced ironically by technology. Overcoming isolation is a major imperative, as seen in such trends as coworking and co-living.

6. Cities and suburbs are evolving, and people overwhelmingly prefer the live/work/play lifestyle of the 24 hour city. These preferences have been validated by superior investment returns.

7. Fresh thinking and imagination is needed to determine how to best serve the increasing population of baby boomers. The boomers are living longer than ever and have not only more but better years to live work and play. Leaders in real estate should be having productive dialogues with experts in the life sciences about a future that is already coming and likely under served at least in terms of real property.

8. Environmental, social and governance principles are the future in real estate. ESG awareness is high and is skewed generationally; driven forward by Millennials with a majority of them stating that ESG policies play an important role in their investment decision making. One wall street firm places ESG performance premiums between 10 and 40 percent in the private real estate sector.

9. Tech is changing everything – but we need to be conscientious about the dangers of the Internet of Things, there are many IoT back doors that need to be secured. Technology implementation as well as the cyber security risks and the erosion of privacy is going to amplify exponentially with the implementation of 5G which will have form a part of the infrastructure backbone for new development moving forward. Consumers want the conveniences that it allows for, but the technology could require 400 times as much cell tower density.

Looking to the decade ahead, it is advisable to remain agile and open to exploring new opportunities, fresh ideas and novel concepts in real estate and technology. The trends are showing an overwhelming desire for people to have social interaction, ease of use and to switch between living, working and playing without barriers. We believe the future of Huatulco real estate will be more service driven than space and investments will need more active management than ever before to be successful.

This is an opinion piece by Matthew Moradian a principal of the Mirabeau Group and it was written with content sourced from the Urban Land Institute. We thank them for consistently providing high quality research reports and a knowledge base to its membership base

The Mirabeau Group provides a full range of project consulting and real estate related services to investors and landowners in the Pacific Northwest. We hope you enjoyed this opinion piece and would love an opportunity to discuss how we could be of service to you for your next project.

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