What Is Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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What Is Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Posted on 19 June 2020 | 1:36 am by Arun Kumar

Amazon Web Services, shortened as AWS is an amazing new service brought to the users by none other than the online retail giant Amazon. AWS is basically a cloud service platform that offers a wide range of services namely compute power, content delivery and the likes. A platform fully secure, it is helping the business community use it to thrive in competitive business environments.

What Can You Do With AWS?

You can do a ton of things with AWS. First off, you can host a website through a web and application server, all in the cloud. You can securely store your files and access them anytime you like, on cloud. Through it, you can use managed databases of the likes of Oracle and MySQL for server to store data.You can send emails to your clients in big batches on AWS. Files of static and dynamic kinds too can be sent to senders around the world with its CDN or Content Delivery Network.

Why Is AWS So Popular Worldwide?

Today AWS has presence in 245 countries around the world. Used by billions of people, it has abolished all geographical limits for single users and businesses. So what’s the reason behind its bourgeoning popularity? Let’s find out.

It Is Cost Saving

Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon has likened AWS to the utility companies that existed back in the 1900s. Just like those companies eliminated the need for extortionately pricey privately-owned plants, AWS is hard at work making the globe free of physical computing. AWS has made long strides towards moving businesses over to cloud. That has extended organizations a chance at saving big on storage.
Formerly, these companies used to physically build their own data storage centers for secure storing of business data. That itself was a big investment, not to mention the maintenance and other things. With the arrival of AWS, businesses are able to circumspect that expense by availing Amazon’s ready storage. So, no upfront building cost, no maintenance.

It Is Adaptable

An adaptable platform, it has modified the cost of usage in proportion with the usage. That has made AWS a great platform for small and startup businesses to be on. It is highly adaptable and that brings users the opportunity to adjust it to their needs.

It Is Scalable

Companies that have been using AWS to meet their computing needs have been able to make scalable benefits from it. Companies that are on AWS get aid from the platform for the purpose of growth and expansion. The business model of AWS is pretty flexible and that is very helpful as it allows customers to examine their computing needs and usage from time to time.

It Is Secure and Reliable

Amazon Web Services is more secure than an average hosting company. With data centers set up around the globe, Amazon is working hard to monitor the transmissions and maintain a strict security. The multiple data centers in different parts of the world help duck regional disasters.

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