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Tools For Spying On Facebook Ads

Posted on 9 August 2019 | 1:47 pm by The Social Notes


Facebook is a popular platform as you know; it allows users from all over the globe to connect. It has become #1 place for marketing considering its vast amount of user base. All the major companies have a Facebook page through which they promote their products.

As the number of companies is increasing, the competition amongst them also increases. And when it comes to competition, the first thing anyone wants to know is what their competitor(s) is doing. It is same for Facebook ads too. Every other company wants to spy on a competitor’s ad.

There are many tool for spying Facebook ads on the internet. You can use these tools for your advantages, by learning their tactics, and user niche. Below are some tools that will help you spy on competitor’s ads:

  • Facebook’s Own Tool

Yes, Facebook has its own spy tool, well it does not let you spy completely per se, but you can watch what ads different brands are running. You can use this tool by clicking on the “Info and Ads” tab on the bottom left side of a page. It is great for businesses; which are just getting started, it gives them an idea of how to market. It may be beneficial for you, but don’t forget your competitor can apply the same tactics.

  • AdLeap

AdLeap is also a great tool for spying, but it isn’t free. It is a great tool to find ads which are performing very well on the market. It also helps you create great Facebook ads. This tool also shows the performance of an ad over time, and it also alerts you when the brands that you follow publishes a new ad. It has a price tag of 97$ but that for one time only. I think it is a bargain.


It is a free tool, but it is great for indexing your ads. It has more than 480 ad inspiration to choose from and also has various niche from which you can gather ideas for your next ad. It doesn’t have much Facebook ads to take reference from, but it is free.

  • PowerAdSpy

Tool For Spying Facebook Ads
PowerAdSpy is an amazing Facebook ad spy tool. It has various features which allow users to see which audience their competitors are targeting. It also lets you see ads based on your geo-location. PowerAdSpy has over 6 million ads available from 15 countries, so you will never run out of ads. You can also see live Facebook ads right from its dashboard. It is not a free service like the above one, it has a monthly subscription of 49$, for a base pack.

  • Connect Explore

Connect Explore is also a paid ad spy tool. It offers an automated smart tool to research your competitors. You can also optimize the ad results based on your interests and stats. This tool is great for targeting specific ads according to your niche as its automation feature reduces the time.

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There are many ad spying tools available on the market. But if I have to choose, it would be AdLeap and PowerAdSpy. AdLeap because it has a one time fee, and PowerAdSpy because of its features and free 20 searches in its trial version.

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