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When to Call Professional Exterminator Agencies for Bed Bug Removal?

Posted on 10 July 2020 | 2:05 pm by

Bed bugs are insidious pests that are oval and flat in shape, and are just 5 mm long. You can find them coming out during the night, and can be spotted only rarely during the daytime. These can vary in color, looking somewhere between reddish brown and dark yellow in hue. Find out when you should give professional exterminator in Nashville agency a call for killing bed bugs in your home.

Bad smell in bedroom

Are you getting a musty odor in your bedroom? This could be due to bed bugs, and you can spot them if you try hard to locate them. You can typically find them in a space near to where you tend to sleep, like the place beneath the mattress or the headboard. But you can also find them behind a mirror, inside smoke alarms and at the perimeters of carpets.

Small bites on skin

Look at your skin very closely. Do you find small sized bites on the skin? Calling a bed bug heater rental agency can be a good idea. Be careful. Although bed bugs do not spread or cause diseases, the presence of them is itself a cause for concern. Some people who suffer their bites experience some reactions. Unless these small creatures are removed immediately, these can lead to much stress.

Small mottled shells

Can you find mottled small shells on your bed or under the mattress? These are the skins shed by the bugs at the time of their growth phase. Professional assistance is necessary.

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