Top 06 Employee Monitoring Tools You Should Not Avoid In 2020

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Everything You Need To Know About Using An Employee Management System [2020 Update]

Posted on 1 July 2020 | 2:30 pm by cloud employee monitoring

When it comes to managing all the employees efficiently, the only thing that comes in every manager's mind is setting up an Employee management system in the organization. Well, technology offers us myriads of solutions to make our lives a lot easier. We only need to make the right use of it. 

Now, we all are aware of what a management system for employees is, its features, benefits, and tips to use it. Still, some people are absolutely unaware of the advantages that this excellent management software comes with. 

So, to help them out, we have come up with a detailed guide, where we are going to discuss:

  • What is the employee management system?
  • Key Features of a Worker Management system
  • 05 effective employee management tool in 2020

So, without waiting for a minute, let's get started!

What is an Employee Management System?

Well, the management system for employees focuses on streamlining all the duties of the HR and other responsibilities of the management. An excellent system like this can handle almost all the essential procedures! From monitoring the working hours of the employees to keeping a check on their overall activities. 

For any company, the employees are its true asset. But managing them correctly can be a challenging task, especially in the current situation when all the employees are working remotely. Here a worker management system can help them in many ways. 

Key Features of a Worker Management System

  • Improved workforce management

Depending on manual processes to handle workers can honestly turn into an administrative nightmare. Tracking out data by yourself increases not only the probability of making blunders but also exposes you to some enforcement risks.

But with the help of a fully unified Employee management tool, you will be able to manage all the things properly in the organization and while your employees are working remotely as well. 

  • Securing the employee's information

Well, keeping all the data of the employees safe is a vital factor that every company considers. But somehow, they fail to do so for not having proper management. Depending on the paper documents and spreadsheets, it can make the employee's data falling into inappropriate hands. 
But getting an employee management software installed in the workplace can help you keep all the data safe. It will provide you complete data security solutions without any hassle.

  • Enhanced employee engagement

Worker management systems come up with exclusive features that allow you to communicate with your team, and to maintain pretty good relationships. They encourage you to build surveys, designed to help you interact more closely with your staff, or they make it much easier to handle the time off.

It will make them feel that they are valued a lot in the team. 

05 Effective Employee Management Tool In 2020


Are you looking for an all-in-one employee management tool or software that can provide you with the best management practices? If yes, then EmpMonitor can be the right tool for you. 

Well, being founded in 2014, EmpMonitor is exclusively specialized in security and monitoring solutions. It is commonly known as one of the leading employee tracking software, that has made monitoring a very hassle-free process for all the small and large scale businesses. 

Not only EmpMonitor has come up with excellent employee management features, but it helps you manage all the activities of your remote employees with great ease.


Hubstaff is a full-time management program designed to help teams make effective use of their hours. It helps the team reach higher productivity levels, and recognize activities that waste time.

It provides you with valuable data about your team that you can use to analyze your plans and make informed decisions about hiring & development.


Freshteam is the ideal HR app for the successful growth of the enterprise. With Freshteam, you can hire, guide, and board on recruits, along with it off-board current employees, manage employee's information, and their working hours in a single place.

It can be an excellent software for the HRs to create a smooth workflow among the employees. 


15Five knows the primary benefits of employee feedback, and this is precisely why it leverages this to deliver the best team results. 

This software takes away the trouble that is being experienced by the managers when dealing with an individual or team issues. This tool actually streamlines the whole process.

15Five offers a painless way for the team to perform weekly check-ins, monitor their priorities, and schedule one-on-one meetings with great ease.


As the name describes, BambooHR is a human resources tool to handle all the staff. It offers assistance to the production of employee reports from onboarding new employees.

It holds all the details in a single database, from employee history to monthly compensation, that you can access at any time. The unified structure of BambooHR ensures that your process goes smoothly and that you are in touch with every member of your team.

Summing it up

After looking into the above-stated benefits and features, we can't deny the fact that getting the best employee management system has become a necessity for every company. Along with it, you also need to choose the right management system for managing your employees. Hopefully, this article has even come up with the 05 best employee management tool that can help you perform a smooth workflow. 

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