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Blepharoplasty - Is Eyelid Surgery Right For You Both Male And Female?

Posted on 13 May 2020 | 8:55 am by Pradeep Kumar

Eye lid surgeries are the talk of modern societies today. This procedure of removing excess saggy skin off wrinkled eyelids has rescued the visions of many elderly people, while in younger population, it has revived looks and improved appearances. But when it comes to eyelid lift surgery, nobody is sure about who this surgery is precisely for. When surgeons came up with this procedure, they obviously had a targeted demographic in mind, but that got bigger with the widening of the scope of blepharoplasty. Today, it’s a treatment option for individuals with varying concerns.

If you are trying to get to the bottom of whether it is the right surgery for you or not, read through the following passages to decide for yourself.

Who Are Eyelift Surgeries for?

Blepharoplasty is for you if you have loose hanging eye skin. The surgery will do you good, irrespective of which of the eyelids are affected. If the excess skin in your eyelids is bothering you, it behooves to get them removed surgically. But, let’s first find out what candidates usually doctors had in mind when they first came up with this procedure or what kind of cases do they choose to advise this surgery to.

·         People with fatty, puffy deposits on their upper eyelids.

·         People with saggy skin on the eyelids that get in the way of visibility or mess up the eyes’ natural contour.

·         People with visible bags under their eyes.

·         People with deep wrinkles and folds in their lower eyelids.

·         People with droopy lower eyelids.

General Requirements to Undergo an Eyelid Surgery

Eye lift surgeries are for people who are in tiptop health conditions. Having a chronic condition or two does not necessary preclude you from being a potential candidate for an eyelid lift surgery, but you generally need to have a clean bill of health from your primary physician in order to qualify for the surgery.

Smokers are normally not recommended an eyelid surgery even though it’s a potential remedy for their type of eyelid issues. Also, one needs to keep their expectations realistic when undergoing the surgery. You cannot expect to see lofty results. For example, if your eyes did not have a pronounced contour, you may not be able to achieve it now through surgery. Expect to see decent, but visible results, not perfection.

Who Are Eyelift Surgeries Not for?

Now that you know who eyelid lift surgery is for, it’s your turn to find out who it is not for. Knowing the other half gives you all the information required to decide if this surgery is right for you.

·         People who are looking to enhance their eyes or lighten their crow feet.

·         People who are expecting to see changes in the unevenness of their eyes.

·         People with dry eye symptoms.

·         People with eye infections and other eye problems.

·         People who are chronic smokers.

·         People with any kind of severe conditions.

Now that you know who are the right candidates for this surgery and who are not, measure your case up to both to arrive at a decision.

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