Labiaplasty Surgery- Seeking Beauty Inside Out

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Labiaplasty Surgery- Seeking Beauty Inside Out

Posted on 14 July 2020 | 8:50 pm by Pradeep Kumar

Labiaplasty, a cosmetic procedure that took off instantly among women is now one of the most widely talked about surgeries in cosmetic surgeries. A procedure that aims to perfect the labia, it is also referred to as the vaginal rejuvenation procedure. If you have caught a wind of this technique, here is what it’s all about.

Labiaplasty is a surgery of the labia, which is pretty much self-explanatory, but what exactly does it achieve to do? To give you an idea in more generic terms, it is to the labia what trimming is to hair split ends.

To elaborate, labiaplasty surgery Sydney is a cosmetic surgery of the labia major a which is the outer lips and labia minor a which is the inner lips that aims to modify the appearance of the same. The reason ladies take the knife for it is to achieve that coveted and perfect tucked-in appearance which only a few are born with.

The Scope of Labiaplasty

So to put your finger on what exactly this surgery does, you need to explore its scopes. Vaginas are as unique as their owners. So, there is no standard for them. Also the beauty definition of vagina that rides largely on the labia is variable across countries and cultures. It’s really hard to tell what exactly does a normal labia look like or how long or short it should be. So, people trust their own judgements to decide what works for them.

Labiaplasty explores all those expectations to deliver results that is to each one’s liking. Sometimes ladies like their inner and outer labia to look symmetrical. That’s achievable through labiaplasty. Sometimes, they like them to be such that they expose the clitoris and others like it to enclose the clitoris. So, all those looks can be reality through labiaplasty.

Who Need It?

This is a question that everybody has been asking since this surgery came into being. Who is the right candidate for a labiaplasty surgery Sydney? Broadly speaking, anybody can get a labiaplasty done as long as their expectations align with the possible outcomes of the surgery. Labiaplasty is not a medically necessary surgery, but it’s more of an optional cosmetic procedure if you believe in being beautiful outside and in.

The only people who should refrain from going under the knife for labiaplasty are those who have a pre-existing health condition. Also if you are perfectly satisfied with the way your labia looks, there is no reason you should go through a surgery.

This surgery is a personal choice and therefore rests on one’s own opinion.

How Common in Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty surgery Sydney is pretty common these days. Although not as much as botox or chemical fillers and those kind of surgeries that are less invasive and are in-clinic, cosmetic surgeries of private parts are more common than you’d think. In the US, about 10000 procedures of labiaplasty is done in a year. In Sydney too, the numbers are on the rise. So if you are thinking of getting it done, talk to your doctor today.

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