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5 Ways To Manage Remote Employees For Improving Work Engagement and Productivity:

Posted on 7 May 2020 | 8:19 am by

The recent crisis due to coronavirus pandemic is a wakeup call for the companies who haven’t prepared themselves to implement work from home policy. More and more companies are looking for telecommuting options for their business. However, there is still a big question in front of such companies, since they can’t monitor the activity of their remote workers. How can they check the performance and work engagement of their employees?

The only answer to the same question is remote employee monitoring software. If you still have doubts, you should check this article in which I am showing you the ways to manage remote employees using the best employee monitoring software:

Understanding The Remote Work Challenges:

When you are doing business with remotely working employees, you might face several business challenges. It won’t be easier for you to supervise the work activities of each and every employee. While communication also seems to be quite a problem that can hurdle the progress of your work. Without proper communication, it would be difficult for employers to assign various tasks and projects between the team members. And there might be some other distractions like accidentally spilling a coffee mug, or a toddler may cry a lot, which can hinder the work progress. Understanding such challenges, both employers and employees need to take preventive measures to avoid such distractions that can halt the productivity of the business.

Set Clear Productivity Standards:

Based on the job, productivity standards may also vary. For a company that wants to get 8 hours of productivity from employees, they would expect 9 am to 5 pm active work time for their business. In such a case, employers expect accountability from their employees for nine to fiver work time. However, when you check the individual work productivity, make sure to track their work records. And find whether they have completed their respective deadline tasks on time or not.

For example: If an employee is giving 40 hours of work productivity in a week, then it seems fine. But when you are analyzing individual work performance, you also need to know- how efficiently they are completing their deadline tasks on time.

Tools Needed To Work Remotely:

An essential aspect of implying the remote work policy is that you need some tools that would help you to track the work progress of your employees. While you also need to make sure to establish proper communication with staffers so that you can also plan for future projects in your business.

In such a case, what you need is the best remote employees monitoring software like EmpMonitor. That can help the manager to remotely track the individual activities of each and every employee in the workplace. Indeed considering communication, you can also invest in some of the best telecommuting software like Zoom, Team viewers, Trello, Asana. That will help you to deal with the various work implications in your business.

Team Meeting For Work Discussion:

Team meetings are quite casual in a regular workplace. And it can also help the leader to foster coagulate teamwork. As I have told you above, to implement telecommuting software, it would be easier for an employer to conduct team meetings with remote workers. Using emails, chatting, and video conferencing, the team can foster internal interaction to help each other with work. And this would evidently help employers to improve teamwork and production efficiency in their business.

Follow Up With Remote Workers:

Now that you have done all the things needed to implement remote work from home culture in your organization. As an employer, you should also keep a keen eye on the work performance of staffers. With EmpMonitor remote monitoring software, employers can check the individual work records of each employee. And that would also help them to track employee engagement. By recognizing the best efforts of employees, employers can further encourage their workforce to bring more work engagement for the business.


So have you thought about implementing remote work in your organization? But before that you should consider the above-shown points. Especially you need to make the best use of technology to improve communication and work engagement in your business. And by using the best remote employee monitoring software, you can keep the productivity intact in your organization.

If you have any further queries, please watch this video to learn about remote work management:- 

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