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A Complete Guide To Employee Tracking Software: It's Why & How?

Posted on 22 April 2020 | 1:09 pm by instantmonitoring

Most of us have worked alongside people who usually don't take their responsibilities properly. Either we see them surfing the internet or playing online games or chatting with friends on social media using the company devices. In short, there are always many people around who inappropriately use their official computers. 

As working online has increased, so has remote employees, and freelancers have exacerbated. As the freedom of employees has increased, employers need a way to ensure they stay truthful and efficient. It is the time where the tracking software for employees comes in.

Employee tracking software helps in tracking time, protecting confidential data, and controlling the productivity of each employee. It may help employers detect inappropriate use, such as unauthorized web or device searches, time spent on unproductive applications, etc. It can also help to monitor every keystroke made by an employee, and capture their screens in real-time. Best of all, custom rules and regulations that employers can set and modify at any time will automatically detect inappropriate use.

If any breach takes place, it will immediately notify employers along with the proof. Many employee software monitoring applications also allow employers to take the remote access of the employee's computer if necessary. In simple terms, employee tracking or monitoring software is an inclusive tool that provides complete control to the employers to keep a check on their employee's computer activities easily. 

Thus, If you are planning to start using employee monitoring software, then this guide will help you choose the best one for your business. 

What is Employee Tracking Software? 

This software provides employers with a range of tools and features that monitor employee actions and record them on the clock. It involves the websites that are accessed by the employees, messages sent, the applications they use and the files they open. Employee monitoring objective is twofold: ensuring that company policies and rules are not broken and ensuring efficiency and transparency for employees.

How To Choose The Best Tracking Software? 

Are you willing to know which features are available in these tracking software and which ones you need when selecting an employee management system? Check out the below-mentioned points which help you choose the best software for your company.

  • Website Monitoring

Website tracking features help to monitor the pages that a user is accessing, usually including the date and time of access of the webpage. Often you can set up lists of prohibited or potentially harmful websites and webpages. All these things could get identified by the best workplace tracking program and warn employers when their employees are visiting such pages. If a user visits these flagged pages regularly, it will become apparent that they frequently access non-work-related or restricted content on the productive hours.

  • Apps monitoring

Application tracking features work more or less similar to website monitoring software. If an employee is playing games in the productive hours, or using applications irrelevant to work, the manager can check the time and date when and for how much time that particular application is used. There are few software which also provides screenshots along with screen recording of every activity. 

  • Keystroke logging

Keystroke logging records every key that a user hits over every program during a session. Date and time-stamped logs appear together with a guide as to which program was running and the keystrokes occurred inside the file or device.

  • Screenshots

Many employee monitoring software solutions provide periodic snapshots that give managers a clear window into workplace behavior at a given time frame. Some also record video excerpts so that at some point, administrators can check exactly what a user was doing.

  • Reporting options 

Most of the software solutions come with different reporting features. The best software helps you in providing custom reports which generate graphical charts as per your required preferences. Some software also provides the total production, as well as non-productive hours of the employees, work done. 


Getting a solution including all features under the heavy rain can be a daunting task. For example, some software would either cost high and have steeper learning curves in comparison to the other tools. Thus, if you are willing to strike a balance between effectiveness and comprehensiveness, then consider the above-mentioned things while choosing the best employee tracking software for your company. 

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